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A new Identity: The Modern Teacher

We offer an in-person course for professional development in the Steiner Waldorf approach to education at Ringwood Waldorf School, Hampshire.

Our Foundation Year is open to everyone. The Art of Teaching Year is a subsequent option to further develop skills and knowledge of teaching and learning in a Steiner Waldorf context.  Both courses take place over the same weekend at Ringwood Waldorf school, once a month.

Our generative principles:

  • The key elements in teachers sustaining a happy and healthy professional life are joy, creativity and secure skills and knowledge.
  • Like every human being, a teacher is a life-long learner. At MTEA we value process over outcome: some of the most important things cannot be measured.
  • We are inspired by anthroposophy as a tool for discovering, deepening and developing the understanding of ourselves, our profession and the children we teach. We also take inspiration from contemporary good practice in mainstream and alternative settings.
  • Our courses offer artistic, social and academic experiences in the supportive company of others. It takes time to become a teacher, and we need peers to help us grow.

At MTEA, students will discover, deepen and develop

  • Their place within the contemporary Steiner Waldorf landscape
  • Their understanding of children and how they learn
  • Their connection to what inspires them
  • Their relationship to Waldorf Education and its roots in anthroposophy
  • Professional, personal and creative skills
  • A new relationship to teaching and learning

Directors: Alan Swindell and Sven Saar


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