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every child!

An online course on Waldorf Inclusion and SEN

With ANN SWAIN and colleagues

September 2024 to March 2025, every Monday at 19.30 India Time



* Child Observation and Class Screening

* Planning individual Support

*Structural Advice for Schools

*Literacy and Dyslexia; Numeracy and Dyscalculea

* Behaviour and Social Patterns

*Autism and ADHD 


*Sensation and Sense Processing


*Movement, Co-ordination, Balance


*Triune Brain and Developing Regulation

*Attachment Disorder and Childhood Trauma

*Principles of The Extra Lesson


How it Works:

We aim to make every child! affordable around the world by charging for the whole course and not per session.
The single fee allows access to all 24 sessions, including recordings and materials, and can be met by the school or setting as part of the Professional Development Budget. The Modern Teacher is a non-profit Community Interest Company and committed to maximum 
Charges are as follows:

Individual participants $ 120/ INR 10K

Schools up to 100 pupils: $ 200 / INR 17K (This allows access to all the teachers)

Schools up to 300 pupils: $ 400 / INR 32K

Schools over 300 pupils: $ 600 / INR 50K

          The Modern Teacher Approach: a participant’s view

We are truly inspired by your work and what I most love is your intent to decolonise not only the colonial but also the Waldorf dogmas and limiting beliefs. For individuals from countries like mine, still with a colonial hangover, it is quite refreshing to hear your perspectives and beneath that to see your intentions. I’ve seen this spirit run through a lot of your work that I’ve gotten in touch with and have deep regard for it.

                                                                                         Santhya Vikram, Founder, Yellow Train School, Coimbatore, India https://www.yellowtrainschool.com

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Sven Saar, Alan Swindell

How can we help new colleagues find their way into this demanding profession without feeling abandoned or patronised? And how do we encourage each other to exercise creative freedom while engaging our pupils in consistently high quality learning? An introduction to Waldorf mentoring and collegial working. A guide to welcoming people into our wonderful profession – and giving them every reason to stay!

12 Organisation of Time, Effort and Community

Sven Saar, Alan Swindell

Sustaining one’s life as a Waldorf teacher requires commitment and energy. A possible source lies in cultivating an inner life of contemplation and development. How do I exercise self-care and organise my life so that I can continue to love what I do? And how can this “invisible” quality be come generative in creating a healthy, happy community of teachers, students and parents? Discover useful tools for the cultivation of Resonance and Resilience.

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