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CPD offer 2023/24

Need modern Waldorf in your school life? Welcome to REFRESH!

We are opening our Ringwood courses to serving school staff, for attending any weekend they like. Come to the New Forest for science, art, planning, anthroposophy or any other subjects that interest you. Save money by buying vouchers!

Booking by email: info@waldorfmodern.uk


Your school or setting buys a number of MTEA REFRESH! CPD vouchers (prices below).  

A voucher allows up to two visiting colleagues to attend an entire MTEA weekend (Friday evening – Sunday lunch).

Every weekend offers 16 sessions in total, 8 for each of our year groups. See the appendix for a full list.

Each visiting colleague can choose which 8 sessions they attend, either with the same year group, or opting for sessions in both groups. All students and visiting colleagues will share singing, movement and meals. 

No booking is required but please inform us of your attendance at least 24 hours in advance, or one week in advance if you want us to arrange accommodation. 

CPD Certificates are available on request.


Single weekend, max. 2 people: £200

5 weekends, max. 2 people: £ 900

8 weekends, max. 2 people:  £ 1500

10 weekends, max. 2 people: for £ 1750

(Spring Residential week counts as two weekends).

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